Halfway to Perfect: Dyamonde Daniel Book #4

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Halfway to Perfect: Dyamonde Daniel Book #4

Running Time: 57m

Nikki Grimes


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When Dyamonde Daniel’s friend Damaris suddenly becomes a picky eater, it doesn’t take Dyamonde long to figure out the problem: Damaris is secretly dieting because some mean girls teased her about her weight. Dyamonde can’t let her friend go on this way. But how can she make Damaris see that she is perfect just the way she is? It turns out Damaris isn’t the only one in their class facing this problem. A girl named Amberline is also being picked on the same way. Soon Dyamonde and Damaris discover that Amberline has a secret . . . a serious one. Once again award-winning author Nikki Grimes tackles an important topic. Narrating herself, Nikki’s warm and friendly voice enriches this delightful addition to her Dyamonde Daniel series with a combination of heart and humor that will engage young listeners from the very first words.


Nikki Grimes:
Nikki Grimes is the award-winning author of numerous books for children and young adults, including the Coretta Scott King Award-winner Bronx Masquerade and the New York Times bestseller Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope. A world traveler, Nikki has spoken and performed in China, Sweden, Tanzania, and other far flung places. You can visit her on the web at www.nikkigrimes.com